I created Makeup Therapy by Allison to fill a specific need I see in the beauty industry: Personalization.

We often use products or wear certain things because we are told they will look good by someone who works for a specific brand or company and has a vested interest in the advice they give.

These same individuals have sales goals and deadlines to meet. Given these contraints, brand-specific sales representatives do not have the opportunity or time to get to know you or your specific goals.

Through no fault of their own, when their goals are selling products they are not empowered to spend more than 15 or 20 minutes with you at the counter to engage you on a deeper level.

My business is built on the knowledge that women want and deserve more. I am not the kind of makeup artist that you engage for only special events. I’m the type of makeup artist that wants to help you look good all the time. I go beyond single, event based sessions as I want women to look and feel good about themselves every day.

How am I able to do this for you?

  • By answering questions via emails and phone calls about products you want to try
  • By sending specific recommendations I know will look good on you
  • By educating you on products and trends
  • By taking you to various stores and helping you navigate the products so you can be an informed consumer

Makeup Therapy by Allison…More than just Mascara.